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The Power of Abstract Art With Biba Logan

"The true artist, like the spiritual seeker, dances with the mysteries of existence, exploring the profound truths that bind us all."

The Art of Intuition

Welcome to an enchanting world of art, where I get to embrace the ancient Japanese practice of Wabi Sabi, discovering perfection in imperfection. In this mystical realm of art, I stand on one planet with a brush in hand, painting another planet, as revealed in a vision that I experienced in 2021. In this cosmic encounter, I uncovered the irresistible allure of metallic art, infusing these creations with textured wonders that mirror the brilliance of the universe. Guided by my intuition, I dive deep into the Quantum Realms, where possibilities abound, bridging the gap between art and spirituality. Each painting transcends into different timelines, allowing dimensions to interplay and the occasional grace of interdimensional beings on my canvases.

But there’s something truly exciting I must share with you. Recently, my art has been featured in an upcoming Netflix show made in Ireland, set for release soon. This presents an incredible opportunity to showcase my unique artistic vision to a global audience, and I’m thrilled to be a part of this project. Now, allow me to introduce you to the two distinct galleries I have here to share with you:

Wabi Sabi Gallery. Here, you’ll find a serene and contemplative realm adorned with meditative artworks. Each piece is meticulously crafted with unique blends of geometric shapes, symbols, and exquisite ambiance, offering a and introspective experience. Delight in the tranquil beauty predominantly crafted on wood, as you immerse yourself in the harmonious spirit of Wabi Sabi. 

Light Series Gallery. The captivating world of metallic art and metallic paintings . Immerse yourself in the shimmering allure of Metallic creations, where metallic elements infuse each artwork with a touch of enchantment. Unique and mesmerizing paintings that evoke a sense of wonder. Each work is a representation of the light we are.

My art is a tapestry of the spiritual, where faces appear and move, witnessed by those who connect with my work. With every stroke, I invite you to journey through the depths of emotions and transcend into a world of wonder and awe

Artistic Tranquility: The Wabi-Sabi Way

Unfolding Beauty in Imperfection: My Wabi-Sabi Art Journey” is an exploration of the world and life through the lens of the age-old Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi. It’s in the peeling layers of paint on a weathered wall, each layer revealing a new shape, a new shade, a new story – a testament to time that, in its own unique way, is profoundly beautiful. It’s this sense of authentic, enduring beauty that I strive to capture in my work.

The same philosophy extends to the natural world. A glance at an old tree bark festooned with a coat of green mold and fungi, to me, reveals a world within a world, an intricate display of life in its most unadulterated form. It’s not perfection I seek, but the natural, untouched state of being that holds an irresistible allure.

In a world that often equates beauty with perfection, my approach is different. I see beauty in our unique traits, our idiosyncrasies, our imperfections. It’s these elements that make us interesting, that make us human. My art is an ode to these imperfections, a celebration of the diversity and richness of human experiences. It’s a tribute to the perfectly imperfect world of Wabi-Sabi. So, welcome to my journey, a journey of embracing and rejoicing in the beauty of the imperfect

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