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“In 2021, a vision transformed me, I woke up and knew how to paint ” – Biba

biba logan artist
Biba Logan

Biba Logan Irish Intuitive Abstract Artist - Statement-

In 2021, I had a mystical experience. During this vision, I was transported to a place where I found myself standing on a planet, painting another planet on a vast, metallic canvas. Miraculously, after this vision, I woke up with an innate ability: I could paint, despite never having done so before.
This wasn’t just about brushwork; it felt as though the universe had whispered its secrets to me, illuminating the interplay of light and the multi-layered essence of all things.
My intuition, a divine voice, has always been my guide. More than mere gut feelings, it’s a profound connection to other realms, an inner sight that perceives the unseen. With every painting I craft, I channel this connection, translating glimpses from another world onto canvas. This process fills me with immense joy, as I grasp something tangible from one world and bring it into another.
We are all divine, composed of light and beauty. Each painting is a reflection of this truth. When you engage with my work, I hope you see the light within yourself. An aspect of my approach is inspired by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi. To me, imperfections simply don’t exist. Some paintings might appear unfinished or rugged, but that’s intentional. By using hessian sacking enriched with gold leaf and paint, I underscore the idea that even the most ordinary objects, when truly observed, radiate beauty – just like us.

Nun By The Sea ​

In 2022, Netflix chose several of my paintings for their TV series “Bodkin”, which chronicles a nuns’ monastery by the Irish sea that transforms into an alternative medicine retreat. One standout moment was the reimagining of “Monk By The Sea”, originally crafted by Caspar David Friedrich in 1808-1810. For the series, I recreated this iconic piece, presenting a nun in the same contemplative stance by the sea, harmonizing seamlessly with the narrative of the show. This collaboration wasn’t just about the visual allure of my work. Many of the titles and themes of my paintings resonated deeply with the storyline, making the inclusion all the more fitting. This unexpected collaboration was a profound blessing for me. The opportunity manifested without my active pursuit, showcasing the wondrous ways in which the light works when we allow it to guide us.


monk by the Irish Sea, reimagination of 'Monk By The Sea' for Netflix's 'Bodkin
Monk By The Sea

Channelling Hilma Klint

I intentionally channeled the visionary Swedish artist Hilma af Klint, who is widely recognized as the pioneer of abstract art in 1915. As a spiritualist artist, Hilma af Klint ventured into the realms of spirituality, mysticism, and esoteric knowledge, translating her experiences and beliefs into her abstract creations. During this unique experience, I sought connection with her to guide what I should paint at that moment.

This profound connection inspired ‘The Divine Essence Triptych’ and ‘The Order and Chaos Diptych’, evident in the sacred geometric shapes in the artwork. These collections are drawn from mystical and metaphysical realms, capturing the divine energy that permeates all beings, connecting us to loftier dimensions.

In ‘The Divine Essence Triptych’, I delve into the very essence of creation and the cosmic energy dance birthing life. This triptych encompasses three segments, each symbolizing a unique facet of divinity. The first, ‘The Divine Feminine’, uses a horizontal line to capture feminine energy. The second, ‘The Divine Masculine’, employs a vertical line to represent masculine energy. The third, ‘The Divine Nature’, showcases an intersecting horizontal and vertical line forming a cross. Central to this cross is the Flower of Life symbol, an age-old geometric pattern revered for its power and historical depth.

‘The Order and Chaos Diptych’ explores the duality of existence. Through spiritual practices and aligning with our core essence, we find we are the order in chaos. We become the resonating frequency in the midst of surrounding dissonance.

"Order In Chaos"
hanko Seal BIBA
BIba Logan Signature

"All artwork is sealed with a Hanko. The Hanko I use bears the inscription 'BIBA' -'BI' symbolizing beauty - and 'BA' - representing wing."

“All artwork is sealed with a Hanko. The Hanko I use bears the inscription ‘BIBA’ -‘BI’ symbolizing beauty – and ‘BA’ – representing wing.”

Biba Logan